Board Meeting Night

McNulty Water PUD board will now be meeting on the first Tuesday of each month. This will allow time for the previous month’s financial reports to be generated before the meeting. All are welcome to come. Public comments and requests are addressed at the meeting.

Billing Statement Tips

If there is a minus sign in front of the balance, you have a credit on your account.

Please put the account number on the memo line when writing checks.

If you would like to set up auto-pay and need help, please contact the office to set up an appointment with Shannon to help you with getting an auto-pay setup.

McNulty Water PUD Board Members

Hans Feige-President

Mike Witzel-Vice President

Richard Hoffman-Treasurer

Caleb Hamnes

David Pinson

New To Area?

If you are new to the area and are looking to set up service, download and fill out the Customer Application. The completed application can be submitted to the office during office hours. Please also have State issued ID ready to present. The Rights and Responsibilities of the customer are also available for you to view. We look forward to serving you.

Online Payment Options

McNulty Water PUD has partnered with Payment Service Network (PSN) to provide online payment and account access options for our customers.  Please use the Online Access link to see account balances, make payments, and set up automatic payments.  Feel free to let the office know if there are any issues or if you need additional assistance.

Flushing May 8-19th 2023

McNulty Water PUD performs annual flushing of the system in the springtime. The purpose of flushing a water system is to expel all stagnant water and remove any sediment that has settled throughout the year….